ACSIS launches cooperation with GIPO ( href=””>Global Internet Policy Observatory) supported by the European Commission, to develop global observatory Internet policies worldwide. As part of this cooperation, a GIPO interactive window is permanently open on ACSIS website that will allow users to search and get informed all about Internet and ICT policies in Africa. It will be nurtured continuously from existing information, and through data collection in African countries. Through an interactive form, GIPO Africa allows you to search on various areas related to the Internet in Africa!
Feel free to send us information related to your actions and events via ACSIS contact form, so that we can publish them on GIPO Africa!
GIPO-ACSIS cooperation will be launched officially in Brussels June 8, 2016 during a conference : Co-designing GIPO’s Observatory Tool – Bringing together IG Communities in the sidelines of the European Conference on Internet Governance EURODIG 2016.
Conference will be preceded by a : « Rountable on the contribution of the Global Internet Policy Observatory to “multistakeholderism” in internet governance » 8 june 2016 at 9h30 am.
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