The African Civil Society on the Information Society (ACSIS) has become a member of the
Economic and Social Council (ECOSOCC) of the African Union.
The President of ACSIS-SCASI, Dr. Cisse Kane, was recently sworn in on behalf of his organization at the African Union (AU) General Assembly held in March 2017, in Cairo, Egypt.

According to Dr. Kane, the swearing-in ceremony held on 27 March 2017 in the presence of the 87 AU ECOSOCC members from all African countries and the African Diaspora, AU CIDO officials and the Egyptian authorities.
The General Assembly of the ECOSOCC of the African Union was an opportunity to recall the importance of this institution as a major organ of the AU through which, the African Civil Society contributes to the smooth running of the African Union.
The ECOSOCC General Assembly was an opportunity for the members to adopt the strategic plan of this institution with several major resolutions:

  • Steps towards the establishment of the AU ECOSOCC headquarters in Lusaka, Zambia;
  • The creation of the national co-ordinations (national chapters) of the AU ECOSOCC
  • Appropriation and sensitization of African peoples on the AU 2063 Agenda
  • The adoption of the Strategic Plan of the AU ECOSOCC

The members of the AU ECOSOCC must be ambassadors for the popularization of the policies of the African Union and its vision of the Agenda 2063. Thus, a presentation of the main organs of the Union was given to them, proposed by drawing on the Directorate of Strategic Planning, which produced the 2063 Agenda. In addition to President Cissé Kane, other members of ACSIS were represented at this august assembly: Abdourahman Hasan Said, Youth Association for the Fight against Aids and Poverty, Djibouti;Djibrine Amalkher, Nirvana Organization for the Promotion of African Women and Youth Chad, and Cyrille Guel, EducommunicAfrik, Burkina Faso.

The President of ACSIS took advantage of the General Assembly to present ACSIS and Pan-African Summit on Digital Economy and Sustainable Growth to be held in Chad. This ACSIS initiative has attracted considerable attention from the ECOSOCC members who have decided to support it.
AU ECOSOCC GA was the occasion for ACSIS chair to meet with M. Ahmed Esmat, ACSIS focal point for Egypt.

ACSIS members during ECOSOCC: C. Guel, A. Esmat, A. Djibrine & C. Kane

At this meeting, ACSIS members joined the AU ECOSOCC working group on Human Resources Science and Technology, chaired by the Libyan Abdurrahman Moctar (Chair of FONGAF). This cluster held a working session in the presence of Cissé Kane, Djibrine Amalkher, Cyril Guel and Ahmet Esmat.

Members of the AU ECOSOCC HRST Cluster in Cairo

The President of ACSIS took the opportunity to reiterate his request to see the AU ECOSOCC endorse the Pan-African Summit on the Digital Economy. Thus, the members of the HRST Cluster unanimously and enthusiastically decided to include the Pan-African Summit in N’djamena as one of the priority initiatives to be carried out within the framework of an ACSIS- AU ECOSOCC collaboration.

The General Assembly of the ECOSOCC of the AU was the occasion to elect a new bureau of 18 members led by Ugandan Richard Ssewakiryanga, Uganda National NGO Forum.

The General Assembly sent a motion of thanks to outgoing President Joseph Chilengi and all the
members of the outgoing executive committee, to the CIDO officials and to the Egyptian authorities for their warm welcome and the quality and success of the event.

Copyright ACSIS-SCASI 05/2017

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