The African e-Business Week, organized jointly by UNCTAD, the African Union and the European Union and hosted by the Government of Kenya, was held in Nairobi from 10 to 14 December 2018.

This event, organized in collaboration with eTrade for all partners and the private sector, represented a unique opportunity to strengthen multi-stakeholder dialogue on e-commerce and development in Africa.
The African e-Business Week was a week of dialogue on “Empowering African economies in the digital era”. This has enabled youth and women entrepreneurs, as well as small and large companies that are exploring digital opportunities, to interact with incubators, policy makers and civil society in search of solutions to current challenges.
In this context, ACSIS was in charge of organizing the Civil Society Forum with one of the flagship events, namely the competition for the best mobile e-commerce application. “E-commerce Mobile Application Africa AWARD” (ECMAAA), aimed at young university students. throughout the African continent.
This mobile application competition, has allowed ACSIS to offer young people the opportunity, as young students and future managers, to share their ideas with ICT experts on the African continent during E-Commerce Week in Africa. , in Nairobi.

The goal of ECMAA is to present an innovative mobile application designed to develop e-commerce in African states.

For the first edition, 15 African countries responded.

Ecmaa 2018