Cisse opened the meeting and welcomed everyone in attendance and to start of the meeting there was a round of introduction by those in attendance, of which some were interested members who were not necessarily members of ACSIS. The purpose of the meeting was to brainstorm about the future of ACSIS and discuss the plan for 2018. In his opening Dr. Cisse Kane alluded to the fact that ACSIS is now a member of African Union, running ICT programs for Africa and emphasised on the reality that the continent needs our assistance. He gave an example of Geneva saying amongst other things that they have 80% internet access and the have quality apps.

ACSIS Summit

The President talked about the Summit proposal and the fact that it was submitted to Chad ACSIS for consideration to host. Chad ACSIS is now requested to contact the office of the President to speed up the planning process of the ACSIS summit, thus an official letter will be written by ACSIS and submitted to the office of the Presidency, according to the President.

Cisse mentioned that a visit was made in Chad and ACSIS met with the ministry of ICT in Chad a few weeks ago and the purpose of the said visit was to check viability to host the summit in Chad, since Chad had the initial commitment to host the summit. To conclude this matter the chairperson made a commitment that he will write a letter to office of the presidency to host the ACSIS summit and mentioned that a letter was also written to the African Union and now hoping for a more favourable response moving forward.

The President also alluded and share background in terms of what is happening globally but Africa is nowhere to be found. He gave an example of Apple paying EU 2 billion USD and Africa is not benefitting from such and similar kind of transactions, thus being excluded from the digital global economy.

E-commerce week

The President shared information regarding the E-commerce week that is planned to take place in Geneva and he mentioned that a working group has been formulated to help with plenary around participation. He emphasised the need for development of projects and there currently are evaluations on Africa’s readiness on e-commerce. He mentioned that we need build a community of innovators and organisational members on the ground need to provide proposals on how e-commerce can be scaled up in Africa as opposed to using imported innovations and solutions which work against development and growth of the continent. On the subject matter he said we need to develop an e-commerce framework in the continent and not necessarily per country. What is critical is a concrete project proposal and ACSIS needs to conduct a regional e-commerce project and platform that can work for the continent, furthermore ACSIS has capacity to deliver on this, according to the President.

Members input

One member mentioned that there is also a need to train on e-commerce issues within the continent also stating that they have trainers and now it is time to equip the people. The said member said ACSIS needs 3 strategic objectives for enabling e-commerce and ACSIS already has a group leader for e-commerce.

  • Thato Mfikwe appointment as ACSIS South Africa co-ordinator
  • Working groups on current projects like e-commerce and policy analysis on e-commerce case studies and best practice guidelines.
  • Other important statements that were presented in French

From Thato Mfikwe.

ACSIS South Africa