[Digital Business Africa] – The E-commerce Mobile Application African Award (ECMAAA) project of the African Civil Society ICT Network (ACSIS) was nominated for the WSIS PRIZE 2020 of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). Digital Business Africa gave the floor to the president of ACSIS, Dr. Cissé KANE, who spoke of the importance of this project, invited digital players to support it and took the opportunity to present the projects of the ACSIS network.

Digital Business Africa: The ACSIS ECMAAA project is nominated for the WSIS PRIZE 2020. What importance do you give to this award?

Dr Cissé KANE: It is recognition of voluntarist work and of paramount importance on the part of African civil society. The ACSIS network, which is the will of members of African civil society within the framework of WSIS (2003 and 2005). The WSIS PRIZE is held within the framework of the World Summit on the Information Society WSIS in Geneva which brings together each year thousands of participants and devotes the best initiatives at the world level according to the objectives set by the WSIS. We see this nomination as a mark of recognition and encouragement from the ECMAAA team and young Africans.

Digital Business Africa: What is the ACSIS ECMAAA project and how should digital players support it?
Dr Cissé KANE: E-commerce Mobile Application African Award (ECMAAA) was launched in 2018. ECMAAA is a concrete contribution of ACSIS and its members to the implementation of the Continental Free Trade Zone launched by the chefs of African states in March 2018 in Kigali.

Through this competition, we encourage innovation, research and emulation among African youth (from the continent and the diaspora), bringing local, endogenous solutions to the trade needs of Africans in cities, villages, between states but also between Africa and the international.

We help discover talent. Young talents create mobile applications, businesses and therefore jobs, thus contributing to the general well-being of populations. We hope that ECMAAA will win the competition and inspire emulation, as well as the support necessary for young people to realize their dream. The initiative, which is recognized as being in the public interest, benefits from the support of the African Union, many African countries as well as partners whom we thank.

Digital Business Africa: What are the next challenges of the ACCIS ECMAAA project?
Dr Cissé KANE: We are actively preparing ECMAAA 20 and we are appealing to all young Africans and the diaspora to sharpen their weapons. To partners, we invite them to support ACSIS in this project.

Digital Business Africa: What other projects is ACSIS currently working on?

Dr Cissé KANE: ACSIS is the largest pan-African network of ICT civil society. We work every day to materialize an inclusive and inclusive information society as defined by the WSIS.
We are members of the African Union ECOSOCC, the ITU, the UNCTAD E-trade for all initiative, we are represented on IGF Global and on IGF Africa. We participate in the debate (E-commerce, Cybersecurity, data protection, training, etc.) and our member organizations each work at the local level as far as it is concerned to materialize the objectives of the WSIS.