Template for Submission of Executive Summaries for Thematic/Country Workshop/ Action Line Facilitation Meetings/ Interactive Sessions/ High Level Dialogues/Publication Releases/Briefings

Deadline: Thursday 22 March, 2018

Exception: For sessions on Friday 23 March, please send at the latest 2 hours after the session

Please note that the WSIS Forum 2018 Outcome Document will be released on the 23rd of March (the last day of the Forum)

  1. Title of your session

Is Africa ready for a Digital Transformation ? / L’Afrique est-elle préparée à la Transformation numérique ?

  1. Name of Organization/s organizing the session

African Civil Society on the Information Society (ACSIS)

  1. Relevance with the WSIS Action Lines – please specify the Action lines C1 to C11

All action lines

  1. Key achievements, announcements, launches, agreements, and commitments (these will be reflected in the press release and Outcomes Document of the WSIS Forum 2018)

Digital transformation is very challenging in Africa due to accurate priorities such as Energy, Access, Literacy, Language barrier, basic education, size of some countries, security in some countries, broadband, misuse of ICT and the Internet, low financial impact ICT sector in Africa

  1. Main outcomes highlighting the following:

I – Debated Issues

  • Please capture highlights of the main issues debated and interactions with audience
    • Digital transformation
    • Access
    • Support innovation
    • Excellent in some countries like Ghana (e-services, digitalization port activities, e-procurement, new companies in 24 hours, 5 marine cables, ), Senegal (more than 49 e-services are online), Mali (conflicting priority, barriers to digital transformation eg. size of the country, the security issue, etc.); Benin (large band in all municipalities, e-government, francophone network of ICT Minister)
    • Conflicting priorities
  • Please highlight key achievements and challenges shared by the audience and/ or panelists
    • Africa is moving with good case studies (RDC, Chad, Senegal, Rwanda, Tunisia, Benin, Ghana)
    • necessity to develop more skills
    • Benefit more from the financial resources coming digital economy
    • Develop e-attitude among civil servants (training on Internet governance)
    • Ratify the convention on cybersecurity across the continent
    • Opportunity of the Continental Free Trade Area and link it with e-commerce
    • Develop a continental leadership on critical issues

II- Quotes

  • Please provide two important quotes from the session and the names & organization of the person you are quoting

ICT is an enabler. Digital transformation is not a competition. It should be qualitative through fulfilling somes prerequisites in Africa and priorities. “le Lièvre et la tortue”

III – Overall outcomes of the session highlighting

  • main conclusions reached during the discussion

Africa is ready for digital transformation. Africa is moving. Africa needs more resources for innovation and have the resources.

  • the vision for implementation of WSIS Action lines beyond 2015

Develop a general framework plan for digital transformation in Africa

Traininig and sensitization

IV – Main linkages with the Sustainable Development Goals

 Training and education (skills, Internet Governance)   Applications for all sectors 
Mobilization of financial resources from the ICT sector Mobile banking
Gender and ICT

V – Emerging Trends related to WSIS Action Lines identified during the meeting

Digital transformation plan for Africa
E-commerce and the digital economy
Convention on cybersecurity
Continental Free trade zone